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Oldenborg Luncheon Colloquium

To suggest a speaker, please email or call our Assistant Director, Leanne Thach, at (909) 607-1159.
5C students swipe and CUC faculty and staff may sign-in for Oldenborg Dining Hall access. Community members may attend at Oldenborg’s discretion and incur a charge.

Tentative Spring 2015 Schedule

Tuesday, May 5th TBA
Tuesday, April 28th TBA
Thursday, April 23rd The Comparative Imperative: How Studying Ancient East
Asia and Rome Can Make Us Better Global Citizens

Wiebke Denecke, Associate Professor of Chinese, Japanese, & Comparative Literature, Boston University
Co-sponsored by the Department of Asian Languages and Literatures and the Pacific Basin Institute at Pomona College
Tuesday, April 14th TBA
Thursday, March 12th TBA
Tuesday, March 10th Peace Corps: The Journey of a Lifetime
Tiffany Tai, Regional Recruiter, Peace Corps
Co-sponsored by the International Relations Program and the Office of International Initiatives at Pomona College
Thursday, February 19th Framing the Female Collaborator in Neoliberal Chile
Ksenija Bilbija, Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Co-sponsored by the Latin American Studies Program at Pomona College
Friday, February 13th TBA
Thursday, February 12th TBA